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Strategic Business Prayer Workbook

Strategic Business Prayer Workbook

  • $2499

The Strategic Business Prayer Workbook provides the practical tools to help you hear the one voice that matters most in business and in life: God's! 

Learn how to connect with God through interactive prayer; then utilize the worksheets to focus your attention, ask specific questions and allow the Holy Spirit to provide wise counsel.  Find help with preparing for speaking engagements, prospecting, resolving conflict, staff issues, event planning and more!

If you’ve ever wanted to ask God how to approach tough work issues, this is your guide. 


Dawn Whitestone is the Chief Growth Catalyst for WhiteStone Professionals, LLC.  Her passion is growing people into their full potential; her sphere is business and non-profit organizations. She has developed a targeted approach to organizational growth and professional development utilizing the Four P’s: Purpose, Plans, People and Productivity.

She is sought after as a speaker, Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Program Development Specialist in the areas of Leadership, Employee Development, and Coaching Certification.  We recommend connecting with Dawn at